Be a Good Neighbor

Be a Good Neighbor-girls holding t.shirts

The University of Pittsburgh Be a Good Neighbor Campaign, facilitated by the Office of Community and Governmental Relations with support from the Division of Student Affairs and the Pitt Police, focuses on helping students build good relationships within the community—particularly Oakland—in which they live and learn. Pitt students discover ways to engage their community while also learning about the consequences of disruptive behavior on and off campus.

A comprehensive student guide details how students can lead safe and successful lives in the community beyond the Pittsburgh campus. Other materials, informational presentations, and events are made available to students, such as Student Off-Campus Rental Workshops and Be a Good Neighbor block parties, which provide informal meet-and-greet opportunities for students and long-term residents to get to know each other. Forming positive relationships and establishing communication can help to reduce misunderstandings or conflicts within the neighborhood.

There are several practical reasons why students should develop good relationships with their neighbors—many of whom would welcome an opportunity to help students and even watch out for them and their property. Many residents help students adapt to living on their own away from home for the first time; students often return the favor by helping their neighbors with tasks such as shoveling snow. It is recommended that, if possible, students approach their neighbors proactively and get to know them, as that connection could prove to be beneficial.

To get involved with the Be a Good Neighbor program or to share any neighborhood updates or concerns, please contact the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Community and Governmental Relations or speak with a representative from the Student Government Board, Fraternity and Sorority Life, or the Office of PittServes. 

To learn more about community initiatives, e-mail, or call 412-624-7755. You also may access the student guide.

Oakland: A Diverse Community

Oakland is a very diverse neighborhood, with the interaction of college students from three Oakland universities and nonstudent long-term residents. This blending, especially in urban settings, can lead to conflicts on a range of issues, including off-campus parties and littering. 

IPitt Student at block partyt is the expectation that Pitt students are always in control of their behavior and that they are respectful of the right of their neighbors to quiet enjoyment of their premises. This includes being respectful of their neighbors, especially while attending parties. 

As a student, whether you live on campus or off campus, you are expected to live by the common values expressed in the principles outlined in the Pitt Promise at all times.