Welcome from the Chancellor

Chancellor Gallagher

At the University of Pittsburgh, we want everyone—whether they are learning, working, or just visiting campus—to feel safe and secure. Realizing this vision requires a community effort, which means that you are central to our success. I ask everyone in the University to take these three essential steps:

  1. Be aware of your environment. Use common sense and good judgment as you move about campus and travel throughout the city.
  2. Know where to go when you have questions or concerns. Review what resources are available—this website is a great first step—and don’t hesitate to ask for help.
  3. Report unsafe conditions as soon as you see them. The University of Pittsburgh Police, Facilities Management, and Environmental Health and Safety are three common departments to contact when issues arise. 

By integrating these three practices into your daily routines—and looking out for others—you will be supporting our efforts to ensure that Pitt remains an incredible place for people to explore, work, and learn.

So, here’s to another exciting, action-packed, and safe academic year!


Patrick Gallagher, Chancellor